Homeopathic & Over-the-Counter Medications

Homeopathic and over-the-counter medications have the potential to cause a poisonous response in the body. This is due to the level of potentially harmful substances contained in these medications. Over-the-counter medications are most typically used to treat illnesses, but homeopathic treatments are gradually becoming more renowned and used. They are medications that usually try to mimic the body’s own natural defences against illness, while over-the-counter medication would typically try to stop the illness in its tracks, so to speak. Such products have the potential to cause an adverse drug reaction and there is the possibility of an overdose occurring if guidelines are not abided by.

Which is more dangerous?

Both homeopathic and over-the-counter medications have the potential to cause harm to the body, whether it is acute or chronic health affects. Homeopathic treatments are typically said to contain no dangerous chemicals, but you should remain careful. You should be vigilant in the medication you choose and in how you use it, ensuring that you read the label to find what potentially harmful chemicals the medication may contain, and the prescribed dosage to take. Every type of medication has the potential to harm if misused.

Over-the-counter medications

Over-the-counter medications that have the potential to cause harm include the following:

  • Pain relievers
  • Allergy and cold medication
  • Paracetamol
  • Ibuprofen
  • Cough medicine

Homeopathic medications

Homeopathic medications are potentially harmful due to the following reasons:

  • Many remedies are made from plants and could be potentially harmful if you are allergic.
  • Poison ivy is used in some homeopathic medications, but should be diluted enough to prevent toxic poisoning.
  • A patient may have an adverse drug reaction to substances contained in medications.

Although it is said that homeopathic treatments are non-toxic and non-addictive, you should still be careful with how you use them.

Symptoms & treatment

If you do have a negative response to homeopathic or over-the-counter medication then you should immediately stop using it, unless it is absolutely necessary that you do so. Possible symptoms from taking such medication include nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Also, you should be wary of any chronic delayed health affects. Treatment may include the use of adrenaline and an intravenous drip, and also forcing the patient to be sick to remove the substance from the body. If you do experience a negative response after taking such medication then you should seek medical attention.